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Flowers In My Head

Mona Canvas Art Prints are selected Illustrated drawings by Ljubljana Artist Zala Česnik, printed on Gallery Quality Canvas/Paper with vibrant colours using fade resisted ink on water basis.

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€ 24.90 EUR
€ 19.90 EUR
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Mona Art Prints are printed on 235/290/345 g/m2 High Quality Matte Textured Gallery Canvas/Paper with Vibrant Colours using Professional Fade Resistant Ink for the Premium Feel and Look. The Illustrations are printed in-house on demand using our professional ImagePROGRAF Canon Printer.

Available sizes:
A4, 30x40, A3, 50x70, 61x91
Material weight
235/290/345 g/m2
Ink quality
Fade resistant water based colours
Art Print Size Guide
210x297 mm
8,3x11,7 in
300x400 mm
11,8x15,7 in
297x420 mm
11,7x16,5 in
500x700 mm
19, 7x27,6 in
610x910 mm
24x35,8 in
Print Care Guide

1. When you receive the art print unpack it carefully. Take the art print slowly out of the packaging tube, envelope or box and try to avoid any scratching and bending of the illustration artwork.

2. Unwrap the illustration out of the anti-scratch, water resistant and dust proof wrapping.

21x29,7 and 30x40 artworks require carefully peeling of the see-through wrapping.

If you ordered 30x40, 50x70 or 61x91 art prints or multiple art prints at the same time, you shall receive the artworks either in a tube or bigger box.

In this case, if you’ve got paper artworks, roll them out on a flat, protected, clean surface and weigh them down with some books, while preparing your frame or hanging tools.

Paper art prints are more sensitive than canvas art prints. Canvas paper is more forgiving when it comes to bending due to its structure and how it’s made.

It has almost fabric like structure and canvas texture whose characteristic is the slight protrusion of the fibres that make up the canvas.Therefore bended canvas prints don’t need additional weigh down before framing.

3. While either your paper art prints rest or canvases are waiting, prepare your frames and hanging tools for installation.

4. Before putting the illustration art print into the frame, make sure there is no dust on the glass surface.Best practices are cleaning the whole frame (outer frame + glass) and then waiting for it to dry, before laying down the artwork and closing the frame.

All illustrations are created digitally, with professional software tools that ensure the high product quality.


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Explore our illustrations and enjoy our selection of digital artworks for contemporary living spaces. The works of art are divided into collections according to the time they were made. If you are curious, feel free to explore our creations.

What they say


Canvas is absolutely beautiful. Loved the packaging!


Very happy I got in time, since it was for someone else. Will buy again!


It goes perfectly with my interior decor! Very happy.


I ordered 2 as gifts for my friends and they both loved it!


I'm satisfied with the quality and design, no issues with the delivery as well.


Couldn’t believe the quality of the canvas art prints! I’m really happy about the quality of the print and the canvas itself.

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